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Dick "Hoops" Weiss is a renowned, award-winning sportswriter and columnist who has covered college football and college and professional basketball for the Philadelphia Daily News and the New York Daily News for 40 years. Weiss has been the president of the U.S. Basketball Writers Association, and the College Football Writers of America. He has also co-written several books with legendary college coaches Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Dick Vitale and authored a tribute book on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Dick Weiss’ true love for the game of basketball began during his days in Philadelphia where he covered Big 5 college hoops at the Palestra for the Philadelphia Daily News for 19 years. He takes pride in the fact that for a period of 7 to 8 years while he covered college basketball in Philadelphia during its heyday, he never missed a game in the arena he is credited with coining as the “The Palestra: Cathedral of Basketball.” Dick Hoops Weiss is featured in articles and shows on big ten tv. Coach George Raveling, Blue Star Media and American and Big East Conference.

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